5 Healthy Cookies And Biscuits To Have With Your Tea Or Coffee

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Indians and tea go together. And who drinks tea without biscuits? Even though biscuits are delicious, we usually forget that they might cause weight gain and diabetes. All of these occur from ingesting excessive calories. Therefore, you need to be mindful of the low-calorie biscuits made in India.
Because manufacturers frequently use misleading labelling, it is simple to ignore crucial information and consume overly calorie-dense biscuits. Every aspect of biscuits and their nutritional worth will be covered in this article. Additionally, you’ll discover why so many young students experience obesity or hyperglycemia.

Indians have a sweet tooth, therefore the biscuits need to be tasty and nutritious.Let’s look at what I found when looking for India’s top healthy biscuits.

Why We Should Not Eat Biscuits?

1. Full of maida: The majority of biscuits available in shops are made with maida. Check the ingredient list to see if it contains refined wheat flour even though you can’t see it very well on the package (which is maida). Only 8–10% of these grains are present in even the multigrain or oat biscuits that we examined. Maida, or refined flour, is the main ingredient.

2. Palm oil/Unhealthy oil: The majority of the packages we examined included edible vegetable oil or palm oil. It assists in shaping the dough. In order to produce chapati, you add water to flour; however, to make biscuits, refined wheat flour is combined with oil. In actuality, it ranks among the cookie’s top 3 essential ingredients. Most often, unhealthy palm oil is utilised, which is terrible.

3. Full of sugar: Almost all of the reportedly nutritious biscuits/cookies we examined had this problem. In reality, some of these cookies also include liquid glucose, inverted sugar syrup, and maltodextrin, which increases the overall sugar content and bad health of the cookie. Even the sugar-free varieties include a lot of carbohydrates, which makes them unhealthy for those with diabetes.

4. Less Fibre: The majority of these cookies are promoted to you as being a wonderful source of fibre. You’ll be surprised to learn that just 4-8% of these cookies’ 100 gms contain fibre. Up to 20 g of fibre may be found in a bowl of fruit, which is equivalent to more than 2 packs of these cookies.

Healthy Biscuits/Cookies Brands in India

In India, multigrain or oat cookies for weight reduction are generally beneficial to health. You may choose any option from the following list, and you’ll be set to go. However, I have still grouped them according to what I believe perfectly suited them.
For instance, you’ll find them grouped under categories like Indian high fibre biscuits, Indian maida-free digestive biscuits, etc.

1. Early Foods Assorted – Dry Fruit & Multigrain Millet Jaggery Cookies

In India, this biscuit is the top healthy biscuit for weight – loss.

It has nuts, entire grains including jowar, oats, maize, wheat, and ragi, as well as other nutritious ingredients.

Contains saboodana/Tapioca Flour, Dry Fruits (Almonds, Pista, Cashews, Dates, Walnuts, Watermelon Seeds, Lotus Seeds/Makhana, Pumpkin Seeds), and other ingredients as well.

With this biscuit, you will consume a healthy amount of carbohydrates, and jaggery is utilised as a sweetener. For gym enthusiasts, this multigrain cookie is a wonderful choice.

2. Hey Grain Ragi Gluten Free Cookie

This box of biscuits, which is made with butter, milk, and ragi of the highest quality, is perfect for someone who wants gluten-free snacks. Additionally, it is the ideal combination of flavour and health.

3. Tots and Moms Foods

Tots and Moms Millet & Jaggery Cookies-Ragi & Almond Cookies provides a wholesome snacking experience with the goodness of millets, whole grain, nuts, seeds, jaggery and butter. Every ingredient lends its own nutrition value making these cookies crisp, tasty and delicious. Besides calcium and iron of ‘finger millets’, protein content of almonds and natural fats and sweetness of butter and jaggery helps improve immunity and brain development. This delicious snack can be enjoyed guilt-free by everyone in the family.

  • No refined sugars, No Maida, No Baking powder, No Baking soda, No Maltodextrin and No eggs.

4. Ancient Roots Almond/Badam Cookies

Ancient Roots is an Indian brand that is focused on providing natural and chemical-free products. Our healthy cookies are filled with rich taste and fresh ingredients.

The healthy almond cookies are a selection of wholesome ingredients like pure Whole Wheat Flour (Atta), White Butter, Jaggery, Almonds, Milk & Milk solids.

Made with 100% pure butter, jaggery, almond cookies are absolutely free from maida, sugar, or palm oil. 

5. Weleet Assorted Pack of Multi Grain Cookies/Biscuits

This company review each product sold so that it maintains the highest standards of purity, health, and taste.Weleet provides products that support overall health and well-being.Weleet uses organic foods, 100% natural and free of any artificial preservatives, colours, flavours, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats.Weleet source products containing no chemicals, synthetic/artificial dyes, colours, or fragrances. 

6. Evum Handmade Honey & Oat Cookies

EVUM is a homegrown business that started in Vijaylaxmi’s kitchen. A woman who kept looking to make healthy alternative foods for her two sons, and started getting really good at it.

All EVUM products are still handmade in the same kitchen, with great focus on quality and cleanliness.

These bite-sized cookies are perfect for health-conscious people since these cookies have  0% Butter | 0% Maida | 0% Preservatives


In the market nowadays, you can get a variety of cookies with nutritious ingredients like oats, honey, hobnobs, multigrain, and so on. We haven’t seen any healthy ones. Even the sugar-free versions are not really healthy. It might sound harsh but it is very difficult to make a biscuits/cookie healthy at a large scale. If you really cannot live without cookies, it is best to learn to bake it at home. We suggest switching to these healthy biscuit options.


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