Benefits and Side Effects Of Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. It is rich in many types of nutrients and antioxidants that have many health benefits. So in this article, we are going to know some proven health benefits and side effects of green tea.

Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea improves brain function

best time for drinking green tea for weight loss

Green tea contains several active agents that have the ability to improve brain function. The most important ones are caffeine and l-theanine which is an amino acid that can cross the blood-brain barrier.

Studies have shown that drinking green tea reduces psychopathological symptoms like anxiety and depression. In addition, it enhances memory and increases the alertness of a person. Studies have also found that l-theanine has the ability to promote alpha-wave production in the brain. Both caffeine and l-theanine have synergistic effects meaning that they work together to increase brain function.

Moreover, studies show that green tea has the ability to reduce the risk of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease this effect is thought to be due to the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds present in green tea.

Green tea reduces the risk of several types of cancers

Cancer is caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells. It’s one of the world’s leading causes of death. One of the main factors that contribute to cancer is oxidative damage by free radicals. These free radicals are constantly being formed within our cells. However, cells also have the ability to neutralize these free radicals by producing antioxidants. Green tea is also a rich source of powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Research has shown that people who are drinking green tea are at a reduced risk for developing certain cancers including breast cancer prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. To get the most of the health benefits avoid adding milk to green tea because adding milk may reduce the activity of the antioxidants.

Green tea may help prevent type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is an increasing health problem all around the world. Type 2 diabetes involves having elevated blood sugar levels, which may be caused by insulin resistance or an inability to produce insulin. Studies show that green tea may improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels.

Green tea may help prevent cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular diseases including heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death. Worldwide studies show that green tea may improve some of the main risk factors for these diseases, which include improving total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. Green tea also increases the antioxidant capacity of the blood which protects the LDL particles from oxidation which is one part of the pathway toward heart disease. In addition, green tea has the ability to lower blood pressure. Evidence-based studies show that drinking green tea reduces the rate of death due to cardiovascular disease by about 30 percent which is quite surprising.

Green tea increases fat burning

The caffeine present in green tea acts as a stimulant that has been shown to aid fat burning and improve exercise performance. In various studies, the massive range of antioxidants known helps burn fat and boost metabolism that is key to losing weight Moreover, green tea helps elevate metabolic rate increase fat oxidation and even improve insulin activity. However, it is important to note that these effects may vary in different individuals. Therefore, one cannot say that drinking green tea alone is helpful for losing weight in all individuals that does not happen always.

Green tea may reduce bad breath

The catechins in green tea also have benefits for oral health test tube studies suggest that catechins can suppress the growth of bacteria potentially lowering the risk of infections streptococcus mutants as a common bacterium in the mouth it causes plaque formation and is a leading contributor to cavities and tooth decay. Studies indicate that the catechins in green tea can inhibit the growth of oral bacteria and reduce bad breath.

Green tea enhances your skin health

In addition, to the compounds we have already discussed green tea also contains several vitamins including vitamin c, vitamin b2, vitamin e, and folic acid. Vitamin c is essential for collagen synthesis and all of these vitamins are essential to maintain healthy skin.

Shocking Side Effects of Green Tea

Going green is the key they say and that’s what we believe too. Green tea is generally regarded as safe for adults to consume. There are a few side effects to keep in mind.

Today, we’ll look at six of the negative impacts of drinking green tea.


Green tea can cause headaches in certain individuals since it contains caffeine people who suffer from migraines can consume green tea occasionally. If you have everyday headaches, however, you should avoid drinking green tea every day. Green tea should be avoided if you have caffeine sensitivity.

Stomach Problems:

Green tea contains tannins that can increase the amount of acid in your stomach. Excess acid can lead to digestive issues including constipation, acid efflux, and nausea brewing. The adverse effects of green tea can be exacerbated if the water is too hot. Brew your green tea with water between 160 and 180 Fahrenheit.

Bleeding disorders in rare cases:

Green tea can trigger bleeding disorders. The compounds in green tea lower the level of fibrinogen, a protein that aids in blood clotting. Green tea also reduces fatty acid oxidation, which can lead to a thinner blood consistency. If you suffer from a blood clotting disorder avoid drinking green tea.


An excess amount of green tea can lead to nausea and vomiting avoid consuming more than 4 cups of green tea each day. If you are a tea connoisseur.

Liver Disease:

Green tea supplements and high consumption of green tea can lead to liver damage and liver disease. Experts believe this is due to a buildup of caffeine that can stress the liver. To avoid the side effects avoid consuming more than four to five cups of green tea every day.

Risk For Pregnancy and child:

Use of tannins, caffeine, and tea catechins have all been linked to increased stress during pregnancy experts say that 20 in small amounts no more than 2 cups per day is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Most of the side effects of green tea consumption can be avoided by consuming only moderate amounts if someone has side effects with green tea it is either because they consumed it in excess or had a low-quality tea or are caffeine sensitive. Remember you should never drink green tea on empty stomach.

Those are the most important health benefits and side effects of green tea that I wanted to discuss with you hope someone found this article helpful.


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