9 Best Shampoo For Bread Growth In India

Best Beard Shampoos for Bread Growth
Best Beard Shampoos for Bread Growth

Beard shampoo or wash hydrates, balances the facial oils and gives sufficient relief in the common beard related problems. Cleaning the beard timely ensures the beard stays in good condition. Adding a good shampoo on beard in beard care routine is quite helpful. Beard itch, dandruff and unruly beard hair are issues which beard loving men often face. To put a stop on all such issues, a beard wash is there for you!

Currently, the market is getting saturated with different beard washes and shampoos for that smooth and shiny facial hair which are worth the attention. So, let’s take a look at the Best Beard Shampoos for Bread Growth available in the market.

List of Best Beard Shampoos for Bread Growth in India

Now, let’s take a look at the popular beard shampoo brands available in India. Here are the top beard shampoos for growth in the market which you can buy online at affordable prices.

S.No.Best Beard Shampoos for Bread GrowthCheck Price
1.Beardo Godfather Beard Wash
2.The Man Company Beard Wash for Growth
3.Beardo Beard Wash
4.Beardhood Beard Wash Biotin And Aprikot Kernel Oil
5.Ustraa Beard Wash
6.Spruce Shave Club Beard Shampoo & Wash
7.L’BERT English Garden Beard Shampoo and Conditioner 
8.L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club Beard Wash
9.Himalaya Men Face and Beard Wash

Beardo Godfather Beard Wash

Beardo shampoo is from Beardo, the brand is known for its men’s grooming products. It removes the dirt from the beard and gives a smooth texture. This beard wash has a refreshing fragrance that makes your beard hair feel good. Take some amount of beard wash in your palms and rub it on the beard. Massage gently to remove all the dirt and dead skin cells and rinse off with clear water. Effective ingredients like Avocado, Glycerine, Castor and Argan oil, this is softer that prevents the itching and makes the beard soft and shiny hair. It’s the best beard shampoo in India.

The Man Company Beard Wash for Growth

The Man Company beard shampoo is made for good beard growth of thin and short beard. It’s rich with almond and thyme and is a beard product that gives the sufficient moisture to the unruly and dry beer. It contains 100% natural premium essential oils and comes with a formula that is SLS and paraben-free. While using this product, you can ensure that coarse beard hair becomes manageable and deeply cleansed. So even if you stay outdoor for long hours for work, this will deeply cleanse the beard. It’s the best beard growth shampoo.

Beardo Beard Wash

Beardo the best beard wash for men for everyday use and is mild and gentle on the skin. It cleanses the beard while removing the dirt and pollutant particles sticking on the skin underneath. It also has healing properties because of ingredients such as sweet Orange Essential oil, Clove and nutmeg. Clove helps to thicken the beard and cures acne and skin infections. While nutmeg is known to improve the hair texture, it also fights dandruff. It also minimize hair loss and prevents the hair fall. The beard wash cures bacterial infection and those occasional zits and eruptions.

Beardhood Beard Wash Biotin And Aprikot Kernel Oil

As Beardhood beard wash is infused with biotin, it will help you grow thick and fuller beard. So if you would like to have a longer beard, ingredients such as Apricot kernel oil and biotin can really help. Apricot kernel oil is known to keep the skin moisturized for a long time, while effectively dealing with beard dandruff and adding moisture. Apply the shampoo on every other day. Take little bit amount and massage gently. Leave it for 2 minutes then rinse with clear water. The product is also SLS and paraben free with no harmful chemicals that can disturb the skin.

Ustraa Beard Wash

Ustraa beard wash is also an anti dandruff product.  At times, because of the dryness, beard dandruff is seen which can also leave it flaky. To get rid of the dandruff in the beard hair, this product helps a lot. As it contains Cedarwood essential oil, it keeps the facial skin nourished and flax seed extract helps to treat dry and damaged hair.

This product prevents the post wash dryness and also keeps the hair hydrated and nourished. So, it leads to a healthy and fuller looking beard. Apply the product to get thick beard in no time. Ustraa beard shampoo is a paraben free beard care product for men.

Spruce Shave Club Beard Shampoo & Wash

The Spruce beard shampoo contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin A, along with Cedarwood and Mandarin. This product is known to stop dandruff and conditions the beard. With natural oils and extracts, it is rich in natural essential oils that promote stronger and faster beard growth. With no side effects, this product is completely natural sulphate and paraben-free. Which is why, it’s safe or even for the sensitive skin. The cruelty free product adds softness and shine. It also keeps beard fresh and hydrated for all day long. The shampoo can be tried three to four times in a week. In fact, it’s also a daily use product , if in case you have very dry or oily beard.

L’BERT English Garden Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s an SLS and silicone free beard shampoo that is rich with conditioning properties of Argan oil, Thyme, Aloe vera and Rosemary oil. This product is carefully formulated to deal with all the different kinds of the hair problems. It makes the beard thicker and heavier. In case the beard hair are long and prone to tangles, then also the product helps in keeping the beard soft and smooth. Rosemary oil has therapeutic uses and also fights the excessive beard hair loss. To make your beard look thicker and fuller, this beard wash can be your choice of best beard wash for summer season as well.


L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club Beard Wash

Best Beard Shampoos for Bread Growth

This product is a multipurpose product that not just works as a beard shampoo but also as a face cleanser and hair shampoo. It prevents the flakes and deeply conditions. The product removes the dirt and dust, while keeping the hair and skin flawless. Cedar wood essential oil is a product that can be used by men with all skin types. The ingredients are derived naturally and do not contain any artificial paraben or colorants. It’s also a soap-free formula.


Himalaya Men Face and Beard Wash

Best Beard Shampoos for Bread Growth

Himalaya beard shampoo is a two in one product that works on your face as well as beard. It has active ingredients like coconut water and aloe vera. Himalaya beard shampoo refreshes the skin and softens facial hair to relieve the beard itching. It is suitable for all skin types and men with short and long beard can use it. Just apply a small amount on your face and facial hair and keep for a minute. Rinse the beard shampoo with clear water. It gives lightly scented beard feel. This is an effective product that works fine for rough and coarse beard as well.


These beard shampoo brands are known to make the especially formulated products for the beard, which are easy to use and get you all the benefits that one needs. If you still wonder, how is beard shampoo different? Take a look:

Are Regular Shampoos different than the Beard shampoos?

The answer is yes, if you are using a regular shampoo for beard than that will not help you a lot. Regular shampoo tends to dry out the skin on your face and they would lead to itching too. Shampoos which are formulated for beard only are made to rehydrate the skin and are rich with essential oils that not just cleanse but also condition the facial hair. This is why you must not to use a regular hair shampoo for your beard.

Why you need to use beard shampoo?

What does beard shampoo do? You already know the answer of using a beard wash, yet let’s take a look at the immense benefits of using beard shampoos on regular basis.

As the hair on your face and head are completely different, which is why specially formulated shampoos for your beard are made by the top brands. This beard care products are helpful in many ways.


As your beard requires more care and lubricants than your hair, it dries out quickly. So the longer beard, you have the regular shampoo would dry out and strip of the natural oils of the beard. This is why specially made shampoos for your beard hair must be there in your beard care routine. As the face does not produce as much oils, using beard shampoos help to condition the hair is also important. Not doing so can lead to beard dandruff and itching. In the long run, it can also lead to loss of hair from the beard and moustache.

Now you know, why it’s necessary to wash your beard on regular basis. Just like you wash your hair on your head, washing your beard is also important. Your face cleanser or face wash are different kind of product until and unless the brand mentions that the product is helpful for both the face as well as the beard. Several bacteria can reside under the beard skin, which can lead to acne and itching.

Beard shampoo with antibacterial ingredients and essential oils that can kill the bacteria and fight the infections are beneficial.

So, you shouldn’t wash my beard with hair shampoo anymore.

How Often Should You Use Beard Shampoo or Wash?

Best Beard Shampoos for Bread Growth

Now that you know, why you should use a beard shampoo, let’s go ahead and see how often the beard shampoo must be used.


It is a simple rule! Just remember that you don’t have to wash your beard everyday. In fact, washing the beard everyday can lead to dry skin and cause beard itching. This becomes more damaging when you have dry skin. So the beard and facial hair can be washed every 2 to 3 days would help. However, there are some other factors that you have to keep in mind before deciding on your beard wash schedule.

Oily skin:

If your skin is oily, than regular washing or even daily washing should be alright. As our facial hair accumulates dirt and sebum every day, therefore shampooing the beard would remove the excessive oils from building up on the beard hair and skin underneath. This would eventually prevent the acne.


Beard thickness is also needs to be taken into account before deciding a wash schedule to cleanse the beard. If the beard is thick with coarse and rough hair, then it would dry out quickly. Therefore, washing your beard with a conditioning beard shampoo twice in a week works the best. Thin beard, on the other hand, requires more frequent cleansing otherwise, the hair would look thin and limp. In fact, regular cleansing also thickens the hair and makes the beard look fuller.

Weather conditions:

Weather conditions also create havoc on your facial hair, just like the hair on your head. So, if the weather is humid, then washing every two to three days is okay. During dry season, washing after every other day with a moisturizer and beard wash would be helpful.


Active Lifestyle also calls for more frequent cleansing of the facial hair. As the dust and oils flows through the skin and the more you exercise and work out, it can block the pores in the future. This can lead to acne and even ingrown hair problem. Frequent cleansing daily with the mild beard shampoo would help.

How to wash your beard?

Obviously, using a beard shampoo is not a rocket science and you know do not have to follow up a particular procedure. Just like you wash your face or your head this similarly you have to use the shampoo for the beard. Just take a little amount and apply it on the wet hair. Keep for 30 to 40 seconds and then rinse.

If the product is conditioning and your beard is dry, then leave the product for at least 30 seconds to soak up the coarse and rough hair to make the hair smoother.

Rinse hair completely so that the residue can be rinsed off.

After that you can go ahead and apply a beard balm or beard cream, if you feel like applying beard oils would also help in such situations.

How to buy a good beard shampoo?

Best Beard Shampoos for Bread Growth

As we’ve already told you that beard shampoos contain different natural ingredients and conditioning agents that are meant to hydrate and cleanse the facial hair. While buying the best beard shampoo for your hair type and always remember that it must contain the natural and essential oils. Cruelty free, Paraben and SLS free brands are also to be looked for.

The brand which does not have harmful chemicals would give you better results in the long run. Look for the ingredients such as Rosemary extracts, when you would want to have good growth for your beard. Aloe vera and Cedar wood, board helps in deep conditioning and moisturization. While almond oil and wheat germ oil helps to minimize beard fall and dryness.


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