Healthy Noodles Everyone Should Be Eating in India

If you enjoy eating pasta and noodles, you may have noticed that there are many options available at the market, including rice, lentils, whole-wheat, and gluten-free varieties. But how do you choose the right pastas and noodles for your best health? We discussed some of our favourite noodles in much more detail and explained why they might be a wise choice. Although we will refer to them as pasta and noodles in this article, the two names should not be used synonymously. 

How to choose the best instant noodles in India?

It’s important to keep in mind that  instant noodles are never healthy, some varieties might be beneficial to your health if taken in moderation. Always pay close attention to the ingredients listed on the packaging of the instant noodles you purchase.

Top Healthiest Noodles Brands In India

1. Slurrp farm Noodles

The best thing about slurrp farm noodles is that they are made from natural ingredients such as Ragi, Jowar, Millet, Lentils, Oats, Amaranth, and Nuts, combined with Fruits and Vegetables.

Their noodles are maida-free and made from millets, which are not only delicious but also good for your health.

2. Naturally yours

The brand begins with a vision to make healthy eating tasty and nutritious and currently holds more than 100 products under its name.

Their noodles are 100% maida free and made from healthy ingredients like ragi, bajra, little millet, and wheat.

Plus, their products are pretty high in protein, dietary fiber, and calcium than many other noodles brands.

3. MasterChow

Masterchow, a ready to cook Asian cuisine brand started in June 2020, has served over 4 lakhs family til now. The brand sells a variety of high-quality Asian staples such as stir-fry sauces, ready-to-eat dips, and noodles that can be enjoyed at home.

The masterchow noodles are made with the highest quality ingredients and are free of artificial colors and preservatives without sacrificing flavour.

4. NutriBarn

Nutribarn was started to provide quality Low-Carb and Keto Foods that are both nutritious and delicious.

The noodles from the nutribarn are diabetic-friendly and perfect for those looking to lose weight.

The noodles taste exactly like regular noodles and can be used in any recipe.

5. FittR Bites

Looking for a convenient and healthy way to snack? FittR biTes has you covered!

Their products are inspired by traditional recipes and ingredients but with a healthy twist. They do the thinking and planning for you, so you can enjoy healthy snacks and meals without spending time in the kitchen.

The noodles from the fittr bites are free from maida and preservatives, making them nutritious. They currently have two varieties of noodles( multi millet noodles and finger millet noodles). Both the noodles are healthy, tasty, and free from harmful ingredients.

6. Red Dragon Japanese Whole Wheat Noodles

If you are someone who loves to try different varieties of noodles, then this noodle brand is for you.

The red dragon brand offers a variety of noodles that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Some noodles varieties include whole wheat noodles, egg noodles, ramen noodles, soba noodles, and veg noodles.

The best part is that their noodles are made from 100% natural ingredients without any preservatives and maida.


In India, noodles are a relatively common food item. What if, though, you could get tasty noodles that are also good for your body—that is, devoid of maida and other harmful ingredients?

Do yourself a favour and carefully read the ingredients and nutrition facts; don’t be fooled by well-known brand names.

The above-mentioned noodle brands are some of India’s best and healthiest options. Give any of these brands a try if you want to eat nutritious and healthy noodles at the same time.

Eat properly and live well till then.


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