Which Cooking Oil Is The Best In India

Oil is an integral part of Indian cooking. But which cooking oil do you use? Are you using sunflower oil? Groundnut oil or olive oil?

In this article, we will discuss with you the healthiest oil for cooking.

Which Is Best Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is something that we Indians use on a regular basis. As a result, it is important to consume a healthy oil. However, if you don’t use the right oil for cooking, you could end up gaining weight, developing heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer. If you ask me what one thing you can do to improve your health without putting any effort, I will tell you to change the oil you cook with.

Refined Oil Good or health?

Unfortunately, over 90% of people today are using refined oil for cooking. Almost every sunflower, rice bran, groundnut, soybean found in the Indian market is refined oil.

But what is wrong with refined oils?

Although the word refined may appear to be highly sophisticated, refined oil is really referred to as spoiled oil in medical language. Yes, oil refining is a multi-stage process. First, the oil is extracted using chemical solvents and even Hexane at a very high temperature of above 200 degrees Celsius. All of the oil’s vitamins and minerals are destroyed during this procedure. The process of breaking healthy fatty acid bonds and forming trans fats does not end here. To neutralize the flavor and remove the order, the extracted oil is cooked at a very high temperature once again. Preservatives such as TBHQ and empty foaming agents such as dimethylsiloxane are then added. As a result, all that is left is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and nutritionally devoid liquid. Which is packed and sold as refined oil.

Why Refined Oil is Worst?

Whichever oil it is, it loses all of its natural qualities after going through this refining process. Its good fats essentially become trans fats. The majority of individuals today use this boiling oil three to four times every day, causing the oil to deteriorate. In the long run, this can lead to major health issues. Simply dump refined oil out of the rectum if you have it in your kitchen. This refined oil is packaged and sold.

Olive Oil

Nowadays, people who are a little bit health-conscious switch to olive oil. Of course, it is due to the intensive marketing by European Union that you can find olive oils all over the Indian supermarket these days.

Is Olive Olive Healthy?

Yes, olive oil is among the healthiest of oils no doubt. But living in India, I would not recommend it to you for three basic reasons :

  • Firstly, olive oil is very costly with one litre over 1000 rupees. Using it for daily cooking will just rip your pockets apart.
  • Secondly, with growing popularity of olive oil it is most prone to adult pressure some tests have revealed that sixty to ninety percent olive oil imported is adulterated.
  • Thirdly, and the most important is that only more it does not move well with the Indian style of cooking. Imagine making paratha lean olive oil.

Olive oil is great when making something like pasta, salads, or any other Spanish and Mediterranean dishes but for Indian cooking a big No. So, we have seen why refined oils are so bad for health even I have not recommended olive oil for Indian cooking.

Best Oil In India For Cooking

So, are there any oils available in the Indian market that provide us with the healthiest fatty acids, enhance the flavors of our dishes, and don’t exceed the budget? Yes, cold-pressed or filtered oils like sesame oil, mustard oil, groundnut oil, and coconut oil are the healthiest oils for you. Not only that, but cold-pressed or wood-pressed versions of these oils, which we call “Kacchi Ghani” in India, are most suited for Indian cooking.

What is Cold Press Oil ?

Cold pressing is a centuries-old method of extracting oils without the use of heat. This preserves not just the oils’ vitamins and minerals, but also their aroma and flavor. They necessitate the use of the highest-quality seed, ensuring high-quality oil. These oils all have high smoke points, making them suitable for both shallow and deep-frying.

Coconut Oil For Cooking?

These refined oil businesses conducted a massive marketing campaign against coconut oil a few years ago, claiming it was high in saturated fat, which turned out to be a hoax. According to study, coconut oil has a unique form of million chain fatty acids that boost healthy cholesterol levels. Over 1500 research have been published that show coconut oil to be one of the healthiest foods on the world.

Mustard Oil For Cooking?

Mustard Oil best Brand

As mustard oil contains 47 percent Erucic acid, it has been targeted in the past. In certain places, including as the United States, Canada, and Europe, it is even banned from cooking use. This ban is based on a study that was conducted on laboratory rats that were fed very large amounts of mustard oil. They developed heart difficulties as a result of this. To date, however, no negative impacts on humans have been demonstrated.

For centuries, mustard oil has been a staple in countries such as India, Bangladesh, China, and Korea. In fact, a recent study by specialists at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences showed mustard oil to be the clear winner when they evaluated several oils because it has a good omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio. Extremely crucial for preventing cardiac problems. Mustard oil from Kacchi Ghani is widely available in supermarkets.

Best Oil For Cooking

And the best part is that living in India is so inexpensive that you can use any of these four oils.

We used to use these oils, but due to these marketing activities, we stopped using them and switched to refined oils instead. So you can understand you can see how misleading marketing tactics are used in India.

How we usually choose Cooking Oil?

The type of oil you used in your kitchen was greatly determined by where you were born. Coconut oil is a staple in Kerala. Sesame oil is widely used in Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan, mustard oil is widely used in north and eastern India, and groundnut oil is widely used in central India and Gujarat. If you look attentively, you’ll notice that these oils not only suit the environment of the place, but they also improve it.

For your convenience, I’ve hand-picked the best cold-pressed oils in the Indian market

Desi Cow Ghee

It would not have been complete without mentioning the golden butter oil known as ghee. Ghee is the ideal for all forms of cooking, including deep frying, because it has the greatest smoking point of all oils.

Did you know that no oil should be reused except Ghee

It is the only one with this distinction, and if you think ghee makes you fat, think again. . kindly take a look at this in-depth video.

In the United States, ghee is now sold as clarified butter, a premium cooking oil. The one disadvantage of ghee is that it is not an inexpensive option for everyday cooking, but if you can afford it, there is nothing else like it. When I mention ghee, I’m referring to Desi Cow Ghee.


Refined oil is the worst cooking oil, and it should be banned, in my opinion. Olive oil is nutritious, but it’s also expensive, and it’s not really appropriate for Indian cuisine.

Mustard, sesame, coconut, and groundnut oils that have been cold-pressed are ideal for Indian cooking. Ghee is a bit pricey, but it’s perfect for all kinds of cooking.

Start using cold-pressed oil since it is the simplest step toward healthier living. Let us know which oil you’ll be using now in the comments section.


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