Best Healthy Chyawanprash in India

Best Healthy Chyawanprash in India
Healthy Chyawanprash Brands in India

The best Chyawanprash will provide you with strength and immunity by enhancing body functioning via the use of several herbs. However, selecting the perfect Chyawanprash might be difficult, given the amount of companies now competing for market share. Here are a few factors that will offer you a significant advantage in your search for the best healthy Chyawanprash in India.

What is Chyawanprash?

Chyawanprash comprises two words, “Chyawan” and “Prasha”. The word Chyawan is the name of a sage, and also symbolizes ‘degenerative change’. Prasha denotes a drug that is suitable for consumption.

Chyawanprash is an ayurvedic health supplement which is made up of a super-concentrated blend of nutrient-rich herbs and minerals. It is meant to restore drained reserves of life force (ojas) and to preserve strength, stamina, and vitality while preventing the course of aging. 

Benefits Of Eating Chyawanprash Daily:

  • Builds vitality or Ojas that supports a healthy immune response.
  • Nourishes the mucous membranes and helps to keep the respiratory passages clean and clear.
  • Helps in building muscle mass.
  • Helps in daily gentle elimination
  • Promotes healthy functioning of the reproductive and urinary system.
  • Promotes Strength and Energy.
  • Has 5 out of the 6 tastes, stimulates digestive fire, aids metabolism
  • Rejuvenates tissues in the body, promoting youthfulness

A nutritious jam-tonic best for winter months to boost immunity, vitality and keeping respiratory ailments at bay.

Checklist for buying the Chyawanprash:

  • Manufactured in small batch sizes.
  • Sweetened with jaggary or wild honey. 
  • Do not contain artificial sweeteners, artificial colour and flavour.
  • Do not contain harmful preservatives such as sodium benzoate and should be packed in 100% biodegradable leach free glass bottles.

We spent hours researching the most popular healthy Chyawanprash. First, we compiled a list of all Chyawanprash brands that received at least three out of five stars on Amazon India based on accurate user reviews.

In addition, we conducted interviews with many subject matter experts to determine which items they regard to be the highest rated and would suggest to their clients.

This allowed us combine the authenticity and trustworthiness factors. And this approach helped us create this list of top best healthy Chyawanprash in India.

S.No.5 Best Chyawanprash brands in IndiaCheck On AMAZON
1.Axiom Royal Ayurvedic Chyawanprash
2.EGA Chyawanprash
3.Two Brothers Organic Farms Amorearth Amlaprash
4.Veda Premium Chyawanprash Jaggery Based Prash
5.Maharishi Amrit Kalash

1. Axiom Royal Ayurvedic Chyawanprash

Axiom is the best healthy Chyawanprash brand in India. This Chyawanprash which is made from Desi Cow Ghee, Wild Natural Honey, Kashmiri Saffron, and actual ayurvedic herbs as per Sharangdhar Samhita. With the goal of providing a nutritious and convenient diet to the nation’s all age groups and echoing our commitment to ‘ Quality, Purity and Transparency’. 

2. EGA Chyawanprash

EGA Chyawanprash is an authentic and highly nutritious Rasayana. It is formulated by hand-processing around 54 medicinal herbs including Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) or Indian gooseberry, which is the world’s richest source of Vitamin C. The rich nutritive composition and antioxidant biomolecules of EGA Chyawanprash with real nano gold particles (swarna bhasma) act both independently as well as synergistically for immuno-modulation.

3. Two Brothers Organic Farms Amorearth Amlaprash

Two Brothers Organic Farms Amorearth Amlaprash is made using hand-picked amla fruit and A2 Gir cow ghee. Naturally sweetened with misri. Contains no refined sugar. Handmade. Do not contain artificial sweeteners, artificial colour and flavour.

4. Veda Premium Chyawanprash Jaggery Based Prash

Veda Prash is made in small batch sizes from fresh amlas sourced through all seasons of the year to maintain high Vitamin C content in Veda Prash. Fresh amla along with 40+ Ayurvedic herbs and spices makes this a potent health tonic. We refrain from using any cold storage amlas. Does not contain any added sugar (artificial sugars). Naturally sweetened with jaggery and honey which is a great prebiotic assisting in digestive health.

Enriched with Almonds, Saffron, Cardamoms & Raisins to make it a complete health tonic which can be consumed any time of the day.

Packed in glass bottles to ensure no leaching of chemicals. Free from heavy metals. Delicious, Natural and Pure Formula! GMP, ISO certified formula made with pure desi cow ghee.

5. Maharishi Amrit Kalash

Maharishi Amrit Kalash, the world’s only Super Rasayana, that promotes life force energy and ensures perfect health! Created and perfected by the masters of Ayurveda, Amrit Kalash has been researched at renowned institutes globally. This powerful formula is prepared using 53 time-tested herbs by following 250 meticulous steps and ensures that you experience 6X better health and a better life.

FAQs about Chyawanprash:

Q1. Which is the best Chyawanprash for health?

Ans. All above mentioned are healthy Chyawanprash in India.

Q2. Is it good to eat Chyawanprash daily?

Ans. Yes. It can be taken twice a day.

Q3. What is the side effects of Chyawanprash?

Ans. Although the formulation has been reported to be extremely beneficial in treating umpteen health conditions, it is still necessary to consume it in the prescribed amount. If consumed in excessive quantity without prior consultation with the doctor, it can cause indigestion, flatulence, abdominal bloating, loose stools and abdominal distention.

Q4. Which Chyawanprash is natural?

Ans. All above mentioned Chyawanprash are natural and healthy.

Q5. Is Chyawanprash good for cold?

Ans. Yes. Many Doctors advised to take Chyawanprash in winter or flue seasons to build your immunity.

Q6. When should we take Chyawanprash?

Ans. Chyawanprash can be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning or before a meal; if taken twice a day, then one can also take it 30 minutes before dinner or 2 hours after dinner. Usually, doctors advise to consume it with warm cow’s or goat’s milk according to preference and for vegan people, it can also be taken with warm almond milk.

In case, if the adjuvant milk causes any gas formation or flatulence, you can avoid it altogether and simply have it alone.

Chyawanprash Dosage:

The effective therapeutic dosage of Chyawanprash may vary from person to person depending upon the age, body strength, effects on appetite, severity, and condition of the patient. It is firmly recommended to consult an ayurvedic doctor or practitioner as he or she would evaluate the patient’s indications, past medical conditions and prescribe an effective dose for a specific period. 

It is advised to consume chyawanprash in the winters or flu seasons only, as most herbs present in the tonic are known to produce heat in the body; hence avoid having it in the sweltering hot months.

Children: ½ to 1 tbsp

Teenagers: 1 to 2 tbsp

Adults: 1 to 3 tbsp


Chyawanprash is a traditional herbal remedy sanctified with umpteen health benefits. It holds high significance in bolstering immunity, enhancing heart functioning, treat loss of libido, improves fertility, promotes hair and skin health, boosts digestion etc. The extensive health benefits of the various herbs used in this formulation also increase its therapeutic efficacy in treating respiratory issues. If taken in the proper dosage, one can steer clear of the side effects and enjoy the myriad health benefits.


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